FunSense Gym
The Sensory Motor Gym


The FunSense Gym was derived from the recognition that therapeutic activities/services for children with special needs are limited.  The numbers of children with special needs continues to increase and parents are struggling with how to help their children in every way possible.

My name is Lauren Jaffe. I am a bilingual pediatric occupational therapist and have been practicing for 16 years.  I have worked with children in the Early Intervention Program and with children attending the public school system from 3-21 years of age.  I have experience treating children with various diagnoses.  I have worked with children with Autism, sensory processing dysfunction, low tone, bilateral coordination deficits, gravitational insecurity, motor planning issues, fine and gross motor limitations, orthopedic disabilities, psychosocial issues, visual perceptual delays and the list goes on.  I am very comfortable recognizing deficit areas and working with any child that walks through my door.

I am excited to bring this unique opportunity to children and parents living in the area. I live in Princeton with my husband and 3 young daughters.   With my family's support, I am passionate about creating a warm and welcoming space for children with special needs.  I know the importance of offering a sensory motor gym that is safe and tailored to meet the individual needs of each child that visits our facility.  I appreciate the opportunity to spend time with your child as we grow and develop together.  Working with parents of children in the public school system, I became increasingly aware of the need for more structured activities for children with special needs.  These children deserve to be exposed to a variety of fun and worthwhile activities just like other neuro-typical children.  I spoke to many parents who not only wanted amazing therapy provided to their children but felt there was a void between therapy visits and the home.  Parents reported that after-school, weekend, and summer activities were limited for their children whereas typical children were presented with a variety of options.  If a parent proceeded to engage in extra-curricular activities designed to address the needs of special needs children, they often felt disappointed with the skill level of the providers.  Many reported that these providers did not know how to handle their child's behaviors and did not fully understand what activities their children should be participating in.  Hence, the idea for the FunSense Gym blossomed!   

At FunSense Gym, only trained therapy professionals will be working with your children.  These therapy professionals have been educated in sensory processing, pediatric developmental stages and all of the many components related to a child with special needs.  That is why as a member of FunSense you can feel confident that your child is engaging in activity that is not only fun, but purposeful and productive for each individual child.

Lauren Jaffe OTR/L has been working with children in private and public settings for the over 16 years. During that time she has found that the needs and stimulation of children with sensory motor issues, between therapy and home are often not being met because there are few if any environments dedicated to this mission. FunSense Gym was created for this very reason.
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