FunSense Gym
The Sensory Motor Gym

The FunSense Difference

FunSense was developed with the idea that pediatric occupational therapy should be fun. It should address the needs of the entire family and should provide the reinforcement of skills development between traditional therapy sessions.

What makes FunSense Gym activities so unique and special?

•FunSense Gym offers weekly classes for special needs children 18 months through 10+ years of age

•After review of your child's occupational therapists evaluation and a brief screening, a customized program of activities based on your child's deficit areas will be provided.  Our program is intended to help your child register and combine sensory information to successfully meet every day challenges.

•All activities are supervised by professional licensed therapist and lead by trained staff in a structured and playful format

•Low therapist/staff-to-child ratio

•Regular re-screenings highlighting your child's progress

•If your child has been prescribed a "sensory diet", FunSense Gym is the place for them. It has steam rollers, a zip line, climbing structures, monkey bars, unique swings, barrels, a large trampoline, a ball pit and much more. 

•The FunSense Gym is designed with safety in mind. Our gym provides mats and padding on the walls and floors, child safety doors and procedures that help to keep the children safe.

•Children will smile and laugh as they swing, glide, slide, jump, climb, sing, dance and play receiving the stimulation and motor reinforcement to improve their skills while they have fun.

•The environment will change frequently to keep the atmosphere fresh and exciting and allow opportunities for children to explore and problem solve novel experiences.

•Various therapeutic tools, i.e. Therapeutic Listening, etc. will be incorporated into activities as designed by our health professionals.

•Children can enjoy memorable birthday celebrations with their friends. 

•Parent education nights will be offered once a month!

•For members, open gym time is available for your child(ren) with or without parental involvement.

•The FunSense Gym is strategically located so parents can run errands during child's gym sessions with the confidence that their child is enhancing their skills while having fun in a safe, therapeutic environment.
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