FunSense Gym
The Sensory Motor Gym

Technology Integration

Activity Descriptions 
Each activity is led by a pediatric occupational therapist in a structured yet playful format.

*Technology Integration: 8 - 10 years:
Activitiy Time: 45 minutes

Technology is an integral part of most childrens lives, especially a child who is between the ages of 8-10.  For this reason, we are offering Technology .  Children will be working on skills without even knowing it, with the use of IPADs and the XBOX 360 as well as other great tools.  During this activity, children will have so much fun playing a variety of technology-based games that have been specifically chosen because of the skills that they work on.  The following skills will be incorporated into the games and activities: motor-planning and timing of movement, typing, body awareness and eye-hand/eye-foot coordination. 
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