FunSense Gym
The Sensory Motor Gym

Spin Around

Activity Descriptions 
Each activity is led by a pediatric occupational therapist in a structured yet playful format.

*Spin Around Upside Down (Mommy & Me): 18 months to 3 years: 
Activity Time: 45 minutes
This activity is designed to (1) improve core stability and strength in the low tone child, (2) provide vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile sensory input, and (3) educate parents on how to assist their children in these areas in the home environment.  Specific sensory behaviors will be discussed and strategies designed to limit undesirable behaviors will be shared with parents.  This activity will answer the questions beginning with, Why does my child?  This group is also designed to allow exploration of sensory experiences.  Children will engage in exciting movement opportunities such as spinning in a circle on a rotary swing, jumping on a trampoline, hanging and climbing from various types of suspended equipment, zooming down an incline on a scooter-board, and crashing in a ball pit.  Children will fulfill their sensory needs through play and movement in this group as they become more adept at motor coordination.  Social skill nuances such as making direct eye contact, asking for a turn, sharing a toy, and being socially appropriate will be emphasized. 
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