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What is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist at FunSense? 

A Pediatric Occupational Therapist at FunSense is a health professional that supports a childs current level of functioning relating to the areas of sensory motor skills, cognitive and perceptual integration, and psychosocial skills.  

Within these areas, we emphasize particular components.  Specifically, we strive to enhance skill levels relating to sensory integration, neuromuscular control, motor coordination, attention span, social skills, self-management, and coping/compensatory strategies.  The occupational therapist is an agent who facilitates change during the therapeutic process and who shares his/her knowledge about ways to generalize skills to the home or classroom environment.   Occupational therapists are trained how to break down the components of an activity so that they can determine whether a child has the necessary skills to perform it.   Once deficit areas are identified, they are addressed through purposeful, therapeutic activities (during gym time and special activities), modifications, and/or adaptations.  Establishing a customized program for your child, the FunSense Gym will provide a multitude of sensory experiences within the context of meaningful play which will help your child develop the necessary skills to solve problems, work cooperatively with others and improve learning and development.

We look forward to providing parents and care givers the information they need to help answer some of the questions around why, what and how. Please provide us your email address via the "Contact Us" page and as this information is developed, we will email you to inform you of regular updates. It is also an opportunity to ask questions of our therapy staff and obtain direct answers that may be more specific than the information that is going to be provided on our website.

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