FunSense Gym
The Sensory Motor Gym

Evaluations & Therapy

FunSense Gym works with private and school Occupational , Physical and Speech Therapists to develop a therapeutic plan to reinforce your child's skills and allow them to reach their goals while outside the school setting.

We review current reports and evaluations in addition to conducting our own private screening prior to your child participating in FunSense Gym activities. We will develop a gym program that compliments your child's therapy team's efforts.

Our goal is to fill the void between traditional therapy and home by providing your child with a fun, playful and safe environment that supports your therapist's treatment plan. If your child does not currently receive therapy but concerns have been identified by either a parent, caregiver or teacher, FunSense Gym is the perfect avenue to pursue.

If your child is currently not receiving therapy, FunSense Gym has a staff of licensed and trained occupation, physical and speech therapists who can provide those services for you as well.
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